Start-up and fine tuning of productions related to polyurethane articles
  • Setting-up of production layout;
  • Sourcing and selection of equipments and tools: moulds, machines and production facilities;
  • Materials sourcing: raw materials, PUR systems, chemical auxiliaries (release agents, color pastes, coatings, additives);
  • Definition of the whole production process: planning, methods and schedules, quality control, procedures and logistic.

Development and fine tuning of PUR systems
  • Development and fine tuning of chemical recipes, selection of raw materials and auxiliaries;
  • Analytical and chemical testing;
  • Mechanical testing;
  • Chemical laboratory set-up: equipments, methods, procedures and quality control;
  • Production implementation: procedures, equipments/facilities (mixing devices, reactors, logistic) and quality control;
  • Production start-up.

Commercial distribution
  • Low pressure and high pressure machines;
  • Epoxy, aluminium or steel moulds;
  • Equipments, carrousels, rotating tables, fixed positions;
  • PUR systems: flexible, viscoelastic (memory), integral skin, structural and rigid foams, elastomers, footwear, prepolymers and specialties;
  • Chemical auxiliaries: release agents, coatings, color pastes, special raw materials.

Competencies - PUR systems:

Flexible HR
  • Moulded (MDI e TDI);
  • Disconti blocks;
  • Norms related to fire resistance (Crib 5, Classe 1IM, CAL 117, MVSS302);
  • Low VOC (Blauer Angel, LGA, Oeko Tex, Certipur, Ikea std).
Viscoelastic (memory)
  • Pillows and mattresses;
  • Disconti blocks;
  • Pneumatic and chemical approach;
  • Low VOC (Blauer Angel, LGA, Oeko Tex, Certipur, Ikea std).
Integral skin
  • Systems with blowing agents as 134a, 365/227, 245fa, and new generations (4°);
  • Water blown systems;
  • Norms related to fire resistance (Crib 5, Classe 1IM, CAL 117, MVSS302);
  • Low VOC (Blauer Angel, LGA, Oeko Tex, Certipur, Ikea std);
  • Viscoelastic integral skin foams (water based or physical blowing agent based).
  • PES and PET based system;
  • Injection and pouring;
  • Monodensity and dual density soles;
  • Safety shoes (ISO 20345-46-47);
  • Fussbett, insoles, slippers, boots, etc.
Elastomers and compact materials
  • Cold cast elastomers;
  • Liquid polyurethane gels;
  • Elastomeric polyurethane gels.
  • PET and PES based;
  • Processes and procedures of production, quality control.

Our competencies makes us possible to develop, to optimize, to prototype, to industrialize and to produce articles for many different application fields like:

  • Furniture (sofas, armchairs, chairs, pillows);
  • Automotive (steering wheels, seats, armrests, headrests, headliners, dash boards, air filters);
  • Bedding (pillows and mattresses make in viscoelastic, HR foam or gel);
  • Footwear (soles, midsoles, outsoles, fussbett, insoles, safety shoes, boots, slippers);
  • Medical articles (anti-decubitus cushions, protective items);
  • Technical articles (bumpers, sealants, wheels and small wheels, abrasive discs, cable crossings);
  • Article for bathrooms (headrests, shower trays);
  • Playground articles (seats, protections, swings);
  • Agglomerates for different applications (rubber, foams scraps, cork).

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